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#LookBooksWeLove Fall/Winter 2016: The Red Door by Chola the Label


The Red Door   In Feng Shui, a red door symbolizes the Mouth Of Chi, a place from where energy enters a home. In Chinese homes, all front doors are painted this colour to welcome good vibes to the residents. The effect that CHOLA’s Fall 2016 collection will have on its wearers is similar. Each piece of clothing is a sheath against the chaotic world; the …

#StyledBySohaya: This is the way we IFFA, with Neha Dhupia


Styling Neha Dhupia is always a chaotic messy pleasure. Yes, the room looks like a bomb of tulle has exploded in it. Yes, we are constantly loosing our phones in the gigantic piles of clothes. Yes, when I say pile I mean mountain. Help me, it’s an avalanche!    Funtastic fittings. Styling for an international event has an added pressure to it, because, well, more eyes will be on it. …

Undercover op: Pyjama goes guerilla on H&M


Shopping is my exercise, darlings, said Carrie Bradshaw. Nowhere is this truer than on the floors upon floors, aisles upon aisles that is the H&M flagship store in South Delhi’s Select Citywalk mall. We’d heard the horror stories of endless queues and people sleeping in bean bags to get into the shop, but being bargain lovers and card carrying shopaholics, a few urban legends weren’t …