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Pink reminded me how urban cities like Delhi browbeat working women


I’d put off watching Pink but tonight I felt brave enough to go watch it. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be. It makes its point well enough. And for the first time, I do think we needed Amitabh Bachchan, known for ensuring his daughter-in-law was first married to a tree before she embraced the family name, whose presence on any kind of …

#PyjamaRecommends these October Shopping Soirees!


October is like the Indian Christmas season, isn’t it? We’re chockablock with weddings, Diwali, and and there’s endless shopportunities in which to indulge. As always, when something pretty to buy is near, the Pyjamas are here (to help you pick out the best shopping soirees of the month.) The Pink Post Inc Diwali MINI Exhibition With a fabulous round up of brands showcasing at this exhibition, we suggest you …

#PyjamaRecommends: these September Shopping Soirées


September brings new shopping exhibitions, and we’re like I’ve rounded up pyjama picks out of September’s shopping soirées just for you. First up, 10 on 10 by Payal Sen A multi-designer fashion event of luxury designers hosted by one of their own. Every year, Payal Sen puts together three days of glamour and posh at her 10 on 10 shopping extravaganza. What to expect: India’s top designer brands and some hot new …