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#WetHairDontCare: quick hairstyles for when you gotta wash and run!


It has not stopped raining for so long, I don’t call an Uber anymore, I call an Ark. Plus, guys, I’m a late riser. Ever seen those guys on TV shows brushing their teeth and driving on the highway at the same time: I’m that guy (ok, I’m that girl.) To make my life easier, and yours too hopefully, here’s a bunch of my go-to …

Fall no more: five all-natural remedies for healthy hair

hair fall feature image

Loving the monsoon weather? But hating that ugly hair fall?? So are we. We’ve been struggling hard not to let those strands leave our side, what about you? Pollution, humidity, change of seasons: these are the villains! But let us make the hero win again! Here are the simplest all-natural remedies to tackle hair fall and help you get back to flaunting your luscious locks. 1. Olive oil and egg …