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#CurrentlyCoveting: we wanna buy all these beauties, and you will too!


The internet shall be the end of our savings. Especially with all this gorgeousness strewn across¬†its every corner! The Pyjamas are currently coveting: Clothes Maxi Black Dress by¬†metamorphoza Made from 100% cotton and 110% badassery, this dress is one of those thrown on and feel like you can conquer the world kinda garments.   Lovebirds Red Moon Dress Not once, not twice, you’d see this …

Undercover op: Pyjama goes guerilla on H&M


Shopping is my exercise, darlings, said Carrie Bradshaw. Nowhere is this truer than on the floors upon floors, aisles upon aisles that is the H&M flagship store in South Delhi’s Select Citywalk mall. We’d heard the horror stories of endless queues and people sleeping in bean bags to get into the shop, but being bargain lovers and card carrying shopaholics, a few urban legends weren’t …