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Lookbooks We Love: Pyjama Tribe by CHOLA the label

Chola look book High Res_Page_20

Species Homo pyjamarus bad-assness Common name Pyjama People Observations Succinctly, the Pyjama Tribe seem to never age. Their people tend to outlive the normal homo sapien species, if not in time then in experience. They are not hunters and gatherers of food in the usual sense but are always on the lookout for a new experience as a way to get their hearts racing and to feed …

Manali’s Mountain People


City life is fun, but it can make a girl feel like a piece of mascara goop after an all-night bender with Fardeen Khan. That’s why God made Manali. The mountain life is peaceful, but it ain’t easy, bro. You could try to trek to Kheer Ganga in Louboutins, but would you live to tell that tale? We think not. The importance of dressing for …