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I’m an Optimist


Karma ‘The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it’ – George Bernard Shaw Diwali ‘Wishing you a clean and peaceful diwali!’ – Everyone Also, headlines often lie. Related posts: It is Diwali: turn down the noise and turn up the swag! Relationships Sh*T Heteros Say College: the best years of your life?

#TrueStory: Overheard in Fashion Week: Amazon India Spring/Summer 2017


We do love eavesdropping during Fashion Weeks. Possibly, only a little less¬†than we enjoy watching the beautiful clothes. Here’s some off-runway honesty from those in the know, when they thought no was listening. ūüėČ (We’re always listening, heads up.) The Organisers   Shout out to¬†MSA-2 and our mother’s insistence than we wear bras!   This one’s for the¬†unsung interns Can’t wait to hear the gems …

The Mall Generation


If¬†then this¬†tendency toward¬†collectivization is¬†mutation there is no reason to suppose¬†it is for the¬†better – John Steinbeck, in Sea of Cortez Related posts: College: the best years of your life? AntzDoodles for Pyjama People #4: Learning from Pain AntzDoodles for Pyjama People #5: Needles are a girl’s best friend Sh*T Heteros Say

#TrueStory: Overheard in Lakme Fashion Week

LFW Feature

The fashion world is beautiful, bold, and surreal. And the¬†Pyjamas are shameless eavesdroppers. In between (and some times inside) the gorgeous runway shows, we overheard some conversations that just had to immortalised in illustrations. The Connoisseurs Conversation Buyers from large stores, extremely rich aunties, and other older designers are the funnest people to listen to. They don’t really care who’s eavesdropping any way. (They don’t …

College: the best years of your life?

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College: the best years of your life? When I graduated college I had a series of just humiliating jobs that I couldn‚Äôt believe I was at – Lena Dunham ‚ÄúIt’s a thing to see when a girl¬†comes home.‚ÄĚ (slightly changed quote) –¬†John Steinbeck,¬†The Grape Wrath   I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something –¬†Jackie Mason   …

#SoDelhi: capital comics on the capital city


So Delhi F-monster Upper middle-class aunties This comic is not an attempt at pointing fingers and removing the onus of this behaviour off myself. I feel like at some level we are all hypocrites who feel sympathetic to others and their stories and don’t see how exploitative we are in our everyday lives. The choice of the aunties was made merely for humorous purposes. Related …

About a girl: sometimes, we do have a lot of things in common

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I‚Äôm an artist. About a month ago I started making single page comics. These illustrations began as a way to create art that was funny and relatable and told my story or stories I‚Äôve witnessed in my life. Starting today, I‚Äôll be sharing these comics with you on Pyjama People! About a Girl If I‚Äôm totally honest, on some level I identify myself as an …

AntzDoodles For Pyjama People #14: What a difference a day can make


‘What a difference a day makes… Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain…’ Now when¬†I think of this song from my formative¬†years, I truly understand what it means.¬†Living with RA, each day brings with it new surprises and, trust me, they are not happy ones. Pain is a part of my everyday; my constant. I deal with …