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As nations speak of wars, a small group of creatives focus on Indo-Pak’s common narratives through the eyes of young artists


The Pind Collective was co-founded by Avani and Ansh. It’s an online platform on which young aritsts from India and Pakistan to collaborate and create works based on their intrepretation of common themes. The Collective’s first virtual exhibition took place in August this year, and the next one launches early 2017. The founders were kind enough to talk to me about their project and the …

#Shopportunity: 46 things from the Zara sale that you must own, stat.


Zara is on sale! And we’re like: But, if you, like us, are not into feeling like sardines in a box, you’re probably skipping the mall version and heading straight for the online shopping fast lane. Smart girl: narrow down your choices now and you’ll spend minimal time in the store because you already know what you want. To help you, we’ve rounded up all the beautiful …