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#SoDelhi: capital comics on the capital city


So Delhi F-monster Upper middle-class aunties This comic is not an attempt at pointing fingers and removing the onus of this behaviour off myself. I feel like at some level we are all hypocrites who feel sympathetic to others and their stories and don’t see how exploitative we are in our everyday lives. The choice of the aunties was made merely for humorous purposes. Related …

AntzDoodles For Pyjama People #14: What a difference a day can make


‘What a difference a day makes… Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain…’ Now when I think of this song from my formative years, I truly understand what it means. Living with RA, each day brings with it new surprises and, trust me, they are not happy ones. Pain is a part of my everyday; my constant. I deal with …

Antzdoodles for Pyjama People #13: Therapy of a different kind


Therapy of a different kind Everyone needs a break from work, and I am no different. Except, my break was from all the different therapies I’d tried for my RA. A summer in Europe was all I was dreaming of- visiting friends at different places, seeing art, and just walking around. London, Venice, Berlin- all in my itinerary. It was a great plan, except for …