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After Hours, a photo essay about our shadow selves


sheetThe night starts all glitz and gold-tinted glasses. Each girl is a pristine protagonist  revelling in her perfection. But then, night ends and the sun hasn’t yet risen. In these in between hours, something darker comes forward from the shadows.   Life stops. Goals shift. You stop caring about being about naughty or nice. The realisation hits: you’re not going to live this life twice.   To feel the simplicity of being yourself. Not for him, …

Pyjama People x Sayon : “Got wood?”

feature image

Pyjama People presents: Sayon’s frank ad campaign Why? Sex doesn’t sell, but you’d have a hard time convincing the advertising industry of this fact. The going mantra seems to be what Swapan Seth, chairman of ad firm Equus Red Cell, once said: no harm in a bit of “creative cleavage.” Then, there are ads like this one tell us that the thing to do with a gorgeous …