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Light Jacket Season is here! 10 of our favourite blazers and overlays for your shopping ease


Goodbye August, sticky neck sweat, unbearable heat, and skin-drying air conditioners. September is here, and last month’s exhausting weather is soon going to seem like a dream… or nightmare — depending on how many cannon balls into a cool pool you managed to squeeze into your summer. The more, the merrier the hot season is, I’ve noticed. Before you can blink, it’ll be time for light jackets …

#PyjamaReviews Nicobar clothing: colonial-era styled for Indian millennials


Soft Fabrics, Stylish Details By Avantika Mehta and Janani Krishnan Launched by Good Earth, Nicobar is aimed at a younger clientele with a penchant for quality over quantity. With fashion veteran Aparna Chandra at the helm of design and former-editor of Motherland Vandana Verma looking after creative direction, we had high hopes for this brand and it did not disappoint. The brand’s first collection is …