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#RepublicDay: A tribute to the heroines of the Indian independence movement


Before we could become a republic, India had to overthrow its colonial oppressor in a battle that lasted nearly a century, fought equally by members of both sexes. Our history books have little or nothing to say about the courageous women who fought alongside their male counterparts. So, today, as you’re watching the parade and enjoying your holiday, take a minute to pay homage to …

Pyjama Santa comes to town!


We are having a holiday giveaway on our Instagram. These superfun snowbunny sunnies from Pataaka store could be yours! Just mosey over to our Insta: to like the picture, and sign up for our newsletter: for a chance to win! The name of the lucky pyjama peep to win these beauties will be announced on January 5! Best of luck, our pyjama people! Related posts: …