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After Hours, a photo essay about our shadow selves


sheetThe night starts all glitz and gold-tinted glasses. Each girl is a pristine protagonist  revelling in her perfection. But then, night ends and the sun hasn’t yet risen. In these in between hours, something darker comes forward from the shadows.   Life stops. Goals shift. You stop caring about being about naughty or nice. The realisation hits: you’re not going to live this life twice.   To feel the simplicity of being yourself. Not for him, …

Appetite, A Photo Essay about the delicate play of envy in female friendships


ERROR | Appetite: two protagonists play a game of selection and rejection. The table is set, the food has been laid out. Temptations galore. What will it be today? In our current environment, we are always connected. To people, to thoughts, to ideas — some dark, many enlightening. A plethora of choices is available. Even on the breakfast table. One considers their options slowly. Red. Blue. …