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#ShortHairDontHair: Five ways to style your short bob!


Sure, it’s great to have long hair and windblown tresses… till you meet an Indian summer. It’s mid-September, but with winter season being nowhere in sight, more and more women are cutting off their locks and opting for a bob or blunt cut to escape the heatwave. Now, some people may think that this means they can’t do much with it. My friends say that all the …

#WetHairDontCare: quick hairstyles for when you gotta wash and run!


It has not stopped raining for so long, I don’t call an Uber anymore, I call an Ark. Plus, guys, I’m a late riser. Ever seen those guys on TV shows brushing their teeth and driving on the highway at the same time: I’m that guy (ok, I’m that girl.) To make my life easier, and yours too hopefully, here’s a bunch of my go-to …

How to survive Independence Day with your family, without booze!


Independence Day, aka No Booze Holiday! But, things aren’t all bad. It’s also a day you could spend with your family. Why not, right? Of course, spending a tequila-less 24 hours famjaming can seem like, But, I gotcha covered, pyjama peeps. Take this August 15th to the next level of family bonding with these quirky activities we’ve planned for you and yours. 1. Quiz Night A …