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#PyjamaReviews: The Burlap People


I discovered the Burlap People a few months ago on Instagram and the use of burlap for their designs caught my eye. I’d previously associated burlap with gunny sacks and love the idea of transforming this rugged and utilitarian fabric into aesthetically striking designs. Come time to invest in a daily use handbag; I knew I was going to give The Burlap People a whirl. …

#PyjamaReviews The Label Life

labellifefeature image

  I was excited about The Label Life when its adverts first started appearing all over my Facebook. Cute clothes, nice cuts and affordable prices: what was not to love? I bought a pair of blue striped cotton pants to try out my theory that this venture by three stylish-azz-hell Bollywood based women would be WOW.   The Label Life website is very easy to …