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Pyjama People x Gulnare Skincare: chocolates & flowers Valentine’s Day giveaway!


Hate Valentine’s Day? Think it’s a silly commercial holiday invented by a greeting cards company? But, aren’t all holidays really just inventions that turned into convention over time? This year, we’ve decided: instead of hating on this Hallmark invention, we’re adopting it as our own. It’s now a day when we show some love to our pyjama tribe! Whether you are celebrating February 14th or were dreading it, Pyjama People have …

Pyjama picks for Fall/Winter 2015


Winter is coming. When this is not said in John Snow’s sexy ‘I know nothing’ voice, it is a sobering thought. Too sobering, hand us that Patron. Stat. Ok, now we’ve drowned out that chilling thought. Also, it helps that we wore short shorts yesterday because. No reason, just because. But, time will come soon enough that cold winds and icy mornings will require layering …