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#PyjamaReviews Nicobar clothing: colonial-era styled for Indian millennials


Soft Fabrics, Stylish Details By Avantika Mehta and Janani Krishnan Launched by Good Earth, Nicobar is aimed at a younger clientele with a penchant for quality over quantity. With fashion veteran Aparna Chandra at the helm of design and former-editor of Motherland Vandana Verma looking after creative direction, we had high hopes for this brand and it did not disappoint. The brand’s first collection is …

Undercover op: Pyjama goes guerilla on H&M


Shopping is my exercise, darlings, said Carrie Bradshaw. Nowhere is this truer than on the floors upon floors, aisles upon aisles that is the H&M flagship store in South Delhi’s Select Citywalk mall. We’d heard the horror stories of endless queues and people sleeping in bean bags to get into the shop, but being bargain lovers and card carrying shopaholics, a few urban legends weren’t …