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Not Your Usual Pin-Up: Edi Rama 2017


It hit me. Right in the middle of the Black Mirror episode that was de-monetization and Trump. Love was the only way out. So I grabbed it with both hands when I saw it…a piece in the pink, lifestyle section of The Guardian newspaper. A piece about the man I have now turned into my 2017 calendar — the Prime Minister of Albania and my new …

#InHerWords: Dear Marks & Spencer, I’m fun, and I’m fat. Gimme bras like me!


Dear Marks And Spencer, Have you – the whole lot of you that makes and sells and distributes lovely lingerie across the world – ever slept with a fat woman? I have to ask because clearly, you’ve got this all figured out. Let’s see…the rack for size 30 A, B and C. Bra colours: pink with black spots, leopard prints, monkey prints, candy stripes. And …

#PyjamaReviews: Things that must be said, Ms Roy


“This! Just arrived at my doorstep and has thrown all other books off the shelf. Cannot put it down!” is what I said in the afternoon when the book arrived. “Arundhati Roy and John Cusack – Things That Can And Cannot Be Said.” Bold type on a cover that looks a bit like an LP. I was very excited. I’ve been a fan of Arundhati …