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A broke shop-a-holic’s guide to Spring/Summer 2016


Spring is here, pyjama people. And with it comes an excuse to buy a new wardrobe. Only, our pay cheques do an  amazing trick around this time of the month: they vanish entirely. Almost, anyway. Anyone else feeling that ‘last week before your bank account is replenished’ feeling. It looks a bit like this: Luckily, we can both safely say: And we love to help. It took …

Pyjama picks for smooth sale-ing


Sales, sales everywhere, but not an extra penny to spend? Don’t fret, girl. We gotcha! The Pyjamas have been up all night on the Interweb. We’ve hunted, grunted, and can now guarantee that you will want at least one of our sale picks for your closet. So, come on: Pyjama Sales Picks 1. Full metallic jacket 2. Never hurts to have Yeti another pair of …