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#StyledBySohaya: This is the way we IFFA, with Neha Dhupia


Styling Neha Dhupia is always a chaotic messy pleasure. Yes, the room looks like a bomb of tulle has exploded in it. Yes, we are constantly loosing our phones in the gigantic piles of clothes. Yes, when I say pile I mean mountain. Help me, it’s an avalanche!    Funtastic fittings. Styling for an international event has an added pressure to it, because, well, more eyes will be on it. …

Distressed ? Don’t stress: here’s 5 ways to style your shorts


  The shorter the better Pull out your oldest, most worn-out pair of shorts and dress the F*ck out of them. Here’s five ways to do just that 1.Distressed goes Posh “…reminds us why these two well-dressed, slightly chaotic, posh ladies are so entertaining” Susannah Constantine Wear your shorts with the chickest  top and accessories and boom its an instant make over from drab to fab. 2.Go …