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The go to summer shift dress all dressed up in 5 different ways..


  The Naked Feeling… “I just want to be happy and naked” Nothing is easier than throwing on a shift dress. Especially in this sweltering heat, a soft light dress makes you feel like your almost wearing nothing,  and  we love that feeling. So let us take you through the five different ways in which you could wear your go to dress in every situation… 1.#BeachBumming “A little …

Pyjama People x Zara: Khyati Sharma

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Having grown sick of everyone – from fashion magazines to random uncles on the streets – telling women what to wear and what not to wear, the Pyjamas asked our readers to join us in giving all the would-be “stylists of the nation” a sartorial finger. The Challenge? To leave behind all the gratuitous advice, fashion or otherwise, that are piled on to women. The Participant? Khyati Sharma is …

Pyjama People x Sayon : “Got wood?”

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Pyjama People presents: Sayon’s frank ad campaign Why? Sex doesn’t sell, but you’d have a hard time convincing the advertising industry of this fact. The going mantra seems to be what Swapan Seth, chairman of ad firm Equus Red Cell, once said: no harm in a bit of “creative cleavage.” Then, there are ads like this one tell us that the thing to do with a gorgeous …

The Vibrant Village Of Wai

... Will bring you that much closer to heaven.

Wai, a Maharashtrian village on the way to Satara, has a population of  less than 40,000. Each with such a unique style, it would likely send The Sartorialist into a street-style-snapping frenzy. Related posts: NYE will probably suck, but your outfit doesn’t have to! Pyjama Pantaloonies Lookbooks We Love: Pyjama Tribe by CHOLA the label Look Books We Love: Chola the label’s Grown up hippies