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AntzDoodles For Pyjama People #14: What a difference a day can make

RA 17_PP.JPG.sb-477ec52b-R4SES9

‘What a difference a day makes… Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain…’ Now when I think of this song from my formative years, I truly understand what it means. Living with RA, each day brings with it new surprises and, trust me, they are not happy ones. Pain is a part of my everyday; my constant. I deal with …

This French artist’s illustrations show a real perspective into women’s lives

Cecele FI

Pyjama People were loving French illustrator Cecile Dormeau before we even knew how to pronounce her name. Actually, the pronunciation part remains hazy, but her Tumblr and Instagram, plus a recent interview with HuffPost has shed some light on the woman who created our all time favourite .GIF! Not that we don’t love all the fun art this illustrator offers, but here are 17 works that we especially …