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The Mall Generation


If then this tendency toward collectivization is mutation there is no reason to suppose it is for the better – John Steinbeck, in Sea of Cortez Related posts: College: the best years of your life? AntzDoodles for Pyjama People #4: Learning from Pain AntzDoodles for Pyjama People #5: Needles are a girl’s best friend Sh*T Heteros Say

AntzDoodles #17: Drawing Hope

RA 17_PP.JPG.sb-477ec52b-R4SES9

Ever so often, I get asked if my doodles are a way of expressing my anger towards RA. The answer is NO. I have a disease of the joints: read swollen fingers, locked wrists, and aching elbows. If anger was driving me, I would just rant to my friends. Instead, I chose to do  something that causes me more discomfort. The motivation to pick up …