A neighborhood between two waters

With 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida is second only to Alaska when it comes to waterfront real estate in the United States. But not all 1,350 miles are created equal. Some coastal areas are known for the white sand and crystal clear waters, some are known for the golf courses and others for the charm and tranquility – but only a few, such as the Riomar neighborhood in Vero Beach, can claim to be known for all three.

Located on a barrier island, Riomar has two waterfronts – the western side borders the slow-moving banks of the Indian River and to the east are the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean – hence the name Rio-Mar (river-ocean) . While each is different in its own way, both bring world-class fishing, boating and golfing within reach.

Riomar’s charm is in part due to its history as the home of the Riomar Country Club, which was established along with the neighborhood in 1919. The golf club and beach club helped lay the groundwork for a cozy and welcoming community where people flourish their letterbox flags to let neighbors know they are welcome for a drink.

“Riomar is very friendly and casual. It’s quaint,” said Matilde Sorensen, co-owner of Dale Sorensen Real Estate and a resident of Vero Beach for 40 years. “But it’s also quietly sophisticated. Everything may be a bit smaller, but Vero Beach still has a museum and a theater with operas and ballets.”

The houses in Riomar. in Vero Beach

Vero Beach’s motto is “sunrises, not high-rises,” and Riomar is no exception. The coast is unspoiled by sizable buildings and the long line of the blue horizon can be seen from blocks away – making almost all housing options available are walk-in flats, single-family homes or estates.

Those lucky enough to live off either of the two waterfronts will enjoy unobstructed access to the water — riverside properties may even include boat docks or docks.

Often designed in the Bermuda or Anglo-Caribbean style, houses in Riomar are nestled in a landscape full of greenery, from palm trees to large oak trees. In many areas, the specimen trees have spread far and wide to make canopied streets, many of which are unpaved but instead lined with sand and shells.

“People love the dirt roads,” Sorensen says. “Aside from the waterfront, homes along these dirt roads are some of the most expensive and desirable.”

Real estate prices in Riomar. in Vero Beach

With a small population and valuable real estate, the median price of Riomar’s listing can fluctuate widely depending on a single listing. According to Realtor.com, the median listing price in Riomar as of April 2021 was $3,500,000, compared to $2,635,000 just three months earlier.

“Lower price points for homes in Riomar go for about $1.8 million, and at that price you’ll probably need to update it,” Sorensen says. “Then the prices can go up to $20,000,000.”

River and oceanfront properties make up the most expensive real estate in Riomar, although oceanfront homes tend to be more expensive.

More affordable options can be found for around $600,000 and are mainly one- to two-bedroom apartments on the coast.

The atmosphere in Riomar in Vero Beach Beach

Although Riomar is almost entirely residential apart from golf courses and the like, there is an abundance of eateries and shops nearby. Restaurants and shops are so close that many people can use an unorthodox form of transportation.

“A lot of people travel in golf carts,” Sorensen says. “You just go into the village, where you can get something to eat or do some shopping if you want.”

Many of the area’s most popular restaurants offer ocean or river views, such as the Ocean Grill, a landmark restaurant that has been serving gourmet seafood and steaks for more than 80 years.

Schools in Riomar in Vero Beach

Public school students are served by the Indian River County School District, which has 15 schools across Vero Beach, including Vero Beach High School and three high schools.

In addition, there are also many private education choices such as St. Helen’s Catholic School, the Master’s Academy or the SunCoast School.

St. Edward’s School, a preparatory school for K-12 students, is one of the few schools on the barrier island.

Sights and surroundings in Riomar . in Vero Beach

Vero Beach is about halfway between Orlando and Miami – the former is about 100 miles northwest and the latter is 240 miles right up the coast.

Located in downtown Vero Beach is the Vero Beach Regional Airport with flights throughout Florida and select flights to the Northeastern United States.

An hour or so drive south along the coast will bring you to West Palm Beach and fifteen miles further is Boca Raton.

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