Ammika Harris shows off her toned abs for the gram

Ammika Harris flaunted her toned abs for the gram these days. Check out her post on IG below.

Someone said, “There is what everyone is used to, and then there is you, Meek – Meek 😍 😍” and another follower said, “There is what everyone is used to, and then there is you, Meek – Meek πŸ’Ž 😍. “

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One follower wrote, “You look so cute in it,” and one commenter said, “Dang mama – queening all the time.”

Someone else said, Chris Brown has the hottest girl in the world – and another follower said, β€œThat’s how it’s done! Just enough, but not too much. Class. Β«

One follower said, ‘Very beautiful woman. I like your body skin, shape and tattoos ❀️ @ammikaaa ‘and someone else posted this:’ It’s your face & your hair & the aeko necklace for me πŸ”₯🀩 you never miss it with any of your pictures literally 🎯🀯 ‘

Another follower said, “I’ve wanted to try this for a minute !!!!” and one fan said, “You look great!”

Ammika Harris shared some hair-related secrets to her fans and followers on her social media account. Check out their post.

‘Sure to say @bondiboost works for me! This is my 3 month hair growth result! Swipe to see before and after! ‘Said Ammika.

Someone else said, ‘YOUR HAIR! It got so long. Thank you for the update. I may have to invest in that, “and one follower wrote,” Wow, your hair looks so good! Definitely works well😍 ‘

One follower said, “Thanks for the tea!” Hahaha, I asked and you got away with it. “And someone else posted this,” Sweetie you continue to be you and yes, anyone with humiliating comments needs to be removed from your side. Beauty always brings jealous spirits! ‘

Ammika lives her best life with her little boy Aeko.

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