Arjun Mathur mourns Farhad Humayun’s demise: ‘I will miss the soothing sweetness in your voice’

Popular Pakistani musician Farhad Humayun died on Tuesday after battling a “cancerous brain tumor,” actor and close friend Arjun Mathur said on Wednesday. Farhad Humayun was 42. The news of his passing was first posted on his band’s official Facebook page, Overload.

“The magnificent ‘Farhad Humayun & Overload’ left us for the stars this morning. Stoic to challenges, uncompromising in its values, generous to the point, witty as hell! Fadi was far too far ahead of his time, both in mind and art. He would like us to celebrate his life, so we ask his family, friends and fans to honor him and pray for him today. We can almost hear him say these words of David Bowie: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring,” read the post. Several stars from India and Pakistan mourned Farhad’s demise and remembered the time they had spent with him.

Farhad Humayun was one of the biggest names in the Pakistani music industry. He recorded several albums with Atif Aslam and also served as a drummer on one of the seasons of Coke Studio. He founded his famous band Overload in 2003. Atif Aslam wrote on Twitter: “Thank you, Fadi, for giving us great music, good times and playing on my first album. Buddy, I was excited about our collaboration – I have also finished the lyrics, but I didn’t know we wouldn’t be able to make it happen. Your legacy – fire, passion and insane courage – will live on forever.”

Thank you, Fadi, for giving me great music, good times and playing on my first album. Buddy, I was thrilled with our collaboration – I finished the lyrics too, but I didn’t know we couldn’t make it happen. #farhadhumayun #RestInPeace #GoneTooSoon


— Atif Aslam (@itsaadee) June 8, 2021

Actor Arjun Mathur, who revealed that he and Farhad were childhood friends, said the singer-composer was diagnosed with a brain tumor nearly three years ago. “Three short years ago and completely out of the blue, Fadi – one of the strongest, best looking, healthiest people I knew – was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. After two brain surgeries over two years and no real sign of improvement, Fadi finally surrendered and decided to discontinue the treatments and medication.”

In a long, heartbreaking post on Instagram, Arjun wrote about what it meant to know and be friends with Farhad Humayun. “What do people say about a comet? Or a shooting star? My first memories of Farhad Humayun, or ‘Fadi’ as I knew him, are from when I was just a toddler when my parents’ best friends – Shahzad Uncle and Nivi Aunty – came to visit from Pakistan. We waited for the parents to leave for their parties so we could play ‘Excite-Bike’ on the 8-bit NES, or watch our favorite movies from the era… ‘Jaanbaaz’ and ‘Veerana’, no less. As a child, when our family visited them in Lahore, I remember the biggest Aloo-Parathas I’d ever seen in their home…and the best chicken sandwiches after swimming in Lahore Gymkhana,” an excerpt read.

The actor wrote another message on Wednesday, recalling Farhad Humayun and the “calming sweetness” in his voice. The message read: “I will miss you very much, Fadi. I will miss your unparalleled tehzeeb and the soothing sweetness in your voice. Most of all, I will long to hear you say ‘Pyaraay!’ Again, and I pray that the only words you encounter when you reach the final destination are typical of yourself – ‘HAAN YAAR! BAHUT AALA!’”

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