Avika Gor shares friend Milind Chandwani in her personal growth: ‘I started to feel better’

Avika Gor and Milind Chandwani made their relationship status public in November last year. While the two never shy away from expressing love for each other in their social media posts, the famous Balika Vadhu actor recently opened up about the same in an interview.

Avika said she only made her relationship with Milind official after her parents agreed. “So the idea of ​​always being open, something I learned from my parents. They have always been very open. They are like my best friends and I can share everything with them. And that’s what made me feel that if I can do that with them, if I’m okay with telling them, then what am I hiding it from. If they know, then my world knows and that’s okay for me and that’s okay for them, so why not the whole world,” the actor said in her interview with Pinkvilla.

The Sasural Simar Ka actor also shared how partner Milind helped her grow personally and mentally, adding that she didn’t hesitate when talking about him. Avika also said she’s pretty sure of him.

“I’ve always wanted to have someone in my life that I’m proud of. And the fact that we are together and see our future together, the idea itself…. I’m very proud of, deep in my heart, I know this is it. Then there was no doubt, no hesitation in talking about it or sharing it, because one thing is certain: if a person is happy, everyone around you can see it, everyone in your life will notice that happiness, that change. With me, there was a lot of growth that happened when Milind came into my life, not only did I personally feel better about everything, but mentally I started to understand things better, I started to feel better. The moment we felt confident, we thought it was okay to share this with the world,” the actor said.

Avika Gor and Milind Chandwani had previously said they are not getting married anytime soon.

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