Bigg Boss 14’s Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia go live on Instagram, he teases her for feeding him ‘moti roti’

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia, who found love on Bigg Boss 14, seem to be in a happy place. In a recent Instagram live session, their fans were surprised to see Eijaz enjoying food cooked by Pavitra. Given their brutal bond from day one, he also took the opportunity to tease her live by feeding her ‘moti roti’ (thick chapatis).

Dressed in matching black outfits, the couple looked very comfortable in each other’s presence. As soon as the conversation started, Eijaz told Pavitra why the roti she gave him was so thick. Surprised to be asked about it on a public platform, Pavitra made a face and then said she made thicker rotis because there was some extra dough. She taught him further, telling him not to waste food.

Pavitra Punia also held Eijaz Khan for interrogating her and said, “Kaise bath kar raha hai dekho? Toh kya hogaya agar thodi moti hai (See how he talks to me. So what if the rotis are a bit thick )?”

Pavijaz – as fans fondly call them – tried to find out comments about the live session, one fan told Eijaz he was having the time of his life. The actor agreed, saying that he ate some delicious chicken and roti with the meal and now enjoyed some chocolate coconut. Pavitra adds that Eijaz never cooks for her and sometimes even eats her portion of food.

Fans also wondered why he never returned to Bigg Boss after taking a break from his shoot. Eijaz responded to them, sharing that they have something off their hands. However, his girlfriend assured that he was the real winner for her.

Earlier, Pavitra Punia spoke to and referred to her feelings for Eijaz Khan as ‘real’ and not as a game plan on Bigg Boss 14. “My attachment to Eijaz is real and I think those feelings will remain. It was completely sincere and I’m sure he felt the same way about me. The show is such that sometimes you can’t read each other’s minds and tend to fight. However, that doesn’t mean viewers should be judgmental and call it fake. You only get to see a small part. We spent 24 hours together in the house. And trust me, none of us tried to use each other’s game or even interfere. We both knew roommates wanted us out of the game, so we continued to support each other,” she said.

Eijaz Khan, for his part, revealed that ‘if all goes well’ he will only tie the knot with Pavitra Punia this year. “Shaadi inshallah hogi, aur bahut sahi waqt pe hogi. (We will tie the knot and with God’s grace, at the right time) We will keep our fingers crossed and if all goes well, Pavitra and I will get married this year,” Eijaz said in an interview.

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