Brad Pitt is taken into custody together after 5 years – but is the legal battle with Angelina Jolie finally over?

According to new reports Brad Pitt won joint custody of his children Angelina Jolie after the actress’s request to have the boys testify was denied. Fans know the two Hollywood stars have been embroiled in a legal war since their divorce in 2016, but it looks like the 5-year legal battle may just be over. Or is it?

As mentioned, this comes after Jolie mentioned on a file that the judge handling her case prevented the children from testifying in court what she called “unfair”.

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She stressed that this was wrongly excluded [Angelina’s] Evidence relevant to the health, safety and wellbeing of the children, evidence that is vital to their reasoning. “

Apparently, Judge John Ouderkirk ruled in Brad Pitt’s favor and significantly extended his time with his descendants.

The verdict was reportedly based on many testimonies from therapists and childcare professionals, as well as others who spent significant time with the five minor children.

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You probably remember the divorce happened 5 years ago when Angelina Brad accused of child abuse.

According to her, he hit her son Maddox, who was only 15 at the time, in a private jet.

That being said, she argued at the time that she had decided to end the marriage for “the health of the family”.

Now, however, a source tells HollywoodLife that Brad’s only goal is to be able to see his children. His priority is the best for them and spending more time with them. Angelina’s priority is to keep her from hanging out with Brad. ‘

With young people involved, the details of their court battle have been largely kept under wraps for the past 5 years.

But if you thought that after this ruling the litigation would end, you would be wrong.

Finally, in her complaint against Judge Ouderkirk, Angelina promised to appeal the decision whether Brad should get joint custody!

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