Broken But Beautiful 3 Actor Sidharth Shukla: Agastya Rao Is Flawed But You Won’t Hate Him

For Sidharth Shukla, it was Agastya’s character that brought him aboard Broken But Beautiful 3. In an exclusive chat with, the actor shared that he could identify with his role, and since the show is in a very ‘realistic way’, he picked it up for its digital debut. The ALTBalaji series, also starring Sonia Rathee, was released earlier today.

Sidharth also shared that there is no comparison to the previous seasons of Broken But Beautiful as this is a very different story with new characters. The first two seasons, as readers know, starred Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey. In this third chapter, Shukla plays Agastya Rao, a temperamental writer-director who falls for his muse Rumi, only to break his heart.

Here are excerpts from a conversation with Sidharth Shukla:

Ever since Agastya’s character from Broken But Beautiful has been revealed, fans have adored him. Did you expect so much love to come your way?

Honestly, the response has been amazing and I’m just thrilled that our audience has enjoyed the trailers so far. I’m generally excited and nervous for the release of each project, hoping that our audience will like it. As for expectations, I don’t really set them.

But the expectations of the audience are also high, because they will see you act after a long time. What can we expect from Sidharth in the web series?

A new role, lots of emotions, a character that will hopefully touch your heart while entertaining you.

Many people think that the character looks a lot like you in real life. Were you in a relationship with Agastya?

When I first read the script, I could empathize with Agastya. There have been times when I have experienced similar situations or felt similar feelings. And that’s why, for me, one of the main reasons I loved Agastya’s character is that he’s very real, very recognizable. He’s not perfect, but I don’t think any of us are. He is on a journey like many of us in our respective careers and fields, to realize his vision in life.

Aggressive, perfectionist, romantic and heartbroken – who exactly is Agastya Rao?

Agastya Rao is a very real person, flawed, but you will not hate him. There are times when you feel he is right, times when you feel he is wrong, but you will feel his emotions.

Have you ever had a broken heart? How did you come to make things beautiful again?

Yes, I’ve been in similar situations to Agastya, and it affects you. But I think in times like these you come closer to yourself and realize that you are stronger than anyone could have ever imagined. And you pull yourself out, get yourself back on track, and most importantly, back to work. For the rest, time is a great healer.

Broken But Beautiful 3 will be streamed on ALTBalaji.

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