Cast of “Jupiter’s Legacy” reacts to the cancellation of Season 2

Jupiter’s Legacy – Image: Netflix

After the early cancellation of, there were further reactions Jupiter’s legacy earlier in the week. Some of the greatest performers for Jupiter’s legacy have responded on various social media platforms to express their sadness, frustration and other emotions. Here is a collection of those thoughts.

We’ve also cataloged some of the thoughts and original plans of Steven DeKnight (who was the original showrunner for the series) in a separate post that we’ll keep updated.

Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson / Utopian

Perhaps the most passionate response to the cancellation was two posts from Josh Duhamel on his Instagram page.

It’s never easy to hear that a project you’ve believed in or invested so much in ends prematurely. It was a challenge and a privilege to dive into the character of Sheldon / Utopian. As an actor, I could do things that took me to places I had never been before.

A big thank you to Netflix for giving us this opportunity and an even bigger thank you to the fans – you got us number 1 in the world and we stayed there for almost 2 weeks. Your support for the show means everything.

To the cast and crew, we’ve put our entire lives on hold to take on the challenge of creating a new universe together. It really cost blood, sweat and tears. I’m so proud of what we achieved together and the journey we had (on and off the screen) will never be forgotten.

(But maybe this one will)

In a second post, Josh joked with another photo with the caption:

“When you get dumped by [Netflix] and have to put yourself out there again….

What’s happening, [Hulu]? “

josh duhamel reaction to jupiter's cancellation

Josh Duhamel posts on Instagram

Leslie Bibb as Grace Kennedy-Sampson / Lady Liberty

In a short post, Leslie Bibb posted that she is in her arms with her brothers, adding:

“This union is something I believed in and I will miss it with all my heart … I love you friends …”

Leslie Bibbs Jupiter's Legacy Cancellation Post

Matt Lanter as George Hutchence / Skyfox

Aside from one of the first images released for Jupiter’s Legacy, the caption was:

“This first photo seems appropriate. A gang of friends that once was.

Thanks to my amazing cast, crew and creatives behind Jupiter’s Legacy. What an experience you all have had….

A child like me doesn’t become a superhero every day. “

Matt Lanter Post Instagram Jupiter's Legacy

Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson

On Twitter, Andrew Horton thanked Steven DeKnight, who cast him as Brandon and also on Netflix and Mark Millar.

Ian Quinlan as Hutch

On Instagram, Ian shared his disappointment with the cancellation of the show with the words:

“To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. I was excited to start this journey with an incredible group of people, but unfortunately it has already come to an end.

It’s okay though. Where one path ends, a new one begins. “

hutch jupiter's legacy

Mike Wade as Fitz Small / The Flare

In an Instagram post, Mike Wade posted similar tributes to the other members of the cast, saying:

“I worked with a brilliant team on #JupitersLegacy @netflix. I appreciate the work everyone has put into this project and I am more than grateful for the experience. Keep an eye out for everyone involved, they will surely soon have something amazing in store for them. “

Tenika Davis as Petra / The Flare II

In an in-depth post on Instagram, Tenika had mixed feelings and shared the following:

“It’s hard to hear the show is over, but that’s the cycle of life. When one door closes and another opens. Something dies and another is born. Am I disappointed that we won’t have a chance to tell this story any further? YES! There was so much more!

But I’m not really sad. Why? Because a creative genius named @stevendeknight saw an audition I did and decided I was the perfect person for a role he’d created from a thought bubble in a comic book story. He made one of my dreams come true. It has also helped pave the way for more people from different backgrounds to play these types of roles. Are you kidding me!!! . From that point on, everything was a bonus. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a dream team of great talent from around the world. We learned together, grew and exceeded our limits. All I can say is thank you for the honor and the privilege🙏🏿. Nobody can take away the memories, the laughter, the moments of joy, all the wonderful things that made the experience great !!!

THANK YOU @netflix @mrmarkmillar for giving us this opportunity !!! THANKS to all the fans who kept us number 1 for weeks. You are all the BEST !!! Your love and support is everything. “

Tenika the Flare 2 Jupiter Legacy

There you have it. All cast reactions to the cancellation of Netflix Jupiter’s legacy.

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