David Adefeso addresses the confirmed Tulsa massacre: the loss of $ 455 billion in black wealth

David Adefeso shares an important message on social media. Check out what he has to say about her Tulsa Massacre: Loss of $ 455 billion in black wealth

The Tulsa Massacre: The Loss of $ 455 Billion in Black Wealth 100 years ago to this day, 300 of the most successful, independent, and wealthy black men and women in America were murdered by white state-sanctioned mobs, 1,200 of their homes burned, all of their businesses – banks Medical offices, grocery stores, hair salons and schools – have been destroyed and 10,000 of them have been left homeless, ”David began his message.

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He went on to say, “Without that infamous spot in American history, black people would be wealthy by $ 455 billion today and we would have over 400,000 more black millionaires – twice as many today. But the greatest toll lies in the complete destruction of the intergenerational wealth and knowledge that these men and women would have bequeathed to the three generations of offspring that have passed since then. The wealth and knowledge that would have been the foundation of economic prosperity and success that we would all have enjoyed today. ‘

David also noted, “Indeed, one cannot imagine the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of young Black children who have learned from and been inspired by these great men and women of Black Wall Street. And thus resurrected from the chronic economic malaise currently prevalent in many black households in modern America. Instead, the average black family’s wealth is less than 15% of the average white family’s wealth. And the average black is less educated, has fewer opportunities and earns 40% less than the average white. “

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“Today we remember these lost heroes and the example they left us. In honor of their memory, we should all strive to embody the ideals they stood for – strength, hope, family, self-sufficiency, and an immortal resilience. To the kings and queens of Black Wall Street – Greetings to you✊🏽❤️ ‘, David posted on his social media account.

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