David Adefeso brings up something important about student loans

David Adefeso addresses something very important about student loans. Check out the message here.

“You may never have to take out a student loan again. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of FREE scholarship and grant opportunities. Watch the #WealthDemystified series on YouTube to see the full episodes and learn how to fund higher education. Link in bio Follow @ david.adefeso “, David captioned her post.

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Someone said, ‘So knowledgeable, keep doing what you do 🔥’ and another follower said, ‘Amazing information! Thanks for sharing, David 👏🏽👏🏽 ‘

One comment wrote: “Therefore you will always be blessed. The gems you share are needed in our communities. ‘

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One fan said: “David, even as a Nigerian, is it possible? I will love my son to have this opportunity, ”and one commenter posted this message:“ Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I love watching your videos on these topics! ‘

In other breaking news, David Adefeso is proud to present a recent achievement to its fans and followers. Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

“On May 27, @sootchyapp was honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Capital City Lighthouse Academy @lhaarkansas, Parent and Student Engagement Coordinator – Ms. Vicki Williams. This sootchy activation took place at the Lighthouse Academy Air Force Base, ”David wrote.

He also shared another financial trip planned for his fans and followers these days. Check out the video he shared on his social media account.

‘This Sunday we have a very special #WealthDemystified planned! I speak to our very first #WD guest, Wendell Scales @scalingtheworld, Assistant Director of Innovation for Lighthouse Charter Schools @lhaarkansas inequality of wealth in America, as well as the disproportionate impact of lack of resources and finances on the underserved / underrepresented communities that Lighthouse Academies target directs.

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