Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom: California sets up a force to investigate and calculate the reparation of slavery for the black community

Democratic governor Gavin Newsom publishes exciting news. Check out what The Shade Room just revealed on the subject.

The Shadow Room notes that “The conversation about black Americans receiving reparations for slavery is not new. Now the state of California is taking the lead to put the conversation into action. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders have set up a task force that will investigate and recommend reparations for African Americans, according to @abcnews. The task force held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday. Nine people make up the task force and some are “descendants of slaves who are now prominent lawyers, academics and politicians”.

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TSR went on to say, “The process will take two years to have the team meeting on a regular basis through July 2023. This committee is said to be the “first state reparations committee in the US.” State legislation was introduced by Secretary of State Shirley Weber while she was a member of the state parliament. The task force will focus on preparing summaries of discrimination against blacks, sharing its findings with the public, calculating redress and compiling a public apology. ‘

TSR also noted that, according to ABC News, critics of the legislation argued that California had no slaves and should not study or pay reparations.

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Someone said, “We have to keep checking this ….. ⏱ Keep it up,” and another Follower wrote, “California is literally leading the country in the department of common sense.”

Someone else said, ‘They did the math until the calculator broke … add them, they acted in their calculations while you were at it!’ and another follower posted this: ‘You just say anything at this point 🤦🏾‍♂️’

One Follower said, “We should be able to go to college for free and take away our student loans,” and another Follower said, “Period … now Biden can do it for the whole of the US.”

One commenter hopped into the comments and said, ‘What’s there to study, we’ve built America brick by brick 🙄 we need 200,000 a piece 🙄’

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