Encore Language Learning for IOS

Encore Language Learning is one of the Language Software for IOS developed by Gurmentor, Inc.. Here you can download Encore Language Learning for IOS free. We also have Encore Language Learning .ipa file available here.

Download Encore Language Learning for ios

Encore is a language learning app that uses the L1-L2 method of language learning. L1 is the language you know and L2 is the language you wish to learn (in the current version, English is the default language). One can also choose to turn off English so that only the L2 language is heard.

At the core of Encore is a large content library (available in English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish) with carefully selected collection of words, sentences, greetings and useful phrases, grammar, verb conjugations, casual conversations.

Each language pair offers about 25,000 words in English and the corresponding 25,000 words in the second language, allowing you to learn a new language at the intermediate level.

Unlike many other language learning apps, Encore doesn’t require an internet connection and lets you keep your device in your pocket, so you can use your playlists offline and enjoy the freedom to practice virtually anywhere, such as while getting ready for work or school, walking, commuting, exercising, cooking, or cleaning.

By combining language learning with everyday activities, you can effortlessly listen and speak for 2-3 hours a day and reach fluency much faster than you ever could by relying on language learning apps that promise that you can develop language skills in a couple of months with just 15-20 minutes of practice a day.The free version of Encore!!! gives text and audio content of 5 free playlists to use with full capabilities, such as repeat, pause, and test. The five free lesson plans include vocabulary, greetings and useful phrases, verb conjugations, sentences with related vocabulary, and conversations spoken by native speakers..

Encore Language Learning 1.2 .ipa file for IOS


It is one of the best Educational Software for IOS developed by Gurmentor, Inc. available for free to try on App store. As of latest release on April 7, 2020, current version of Encore Language Learning is 1.2.

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