Evelyn Lozada has just confirmed she’s not coming back for the “Basketball Wives” series

Evelyn Lozada may have really upset some fans after her latest announcement. Check out what she had to say below.

TSR notes that “After starring for a decade on VH1’s hit #BasketballWives reality series, #EvelynLozada confirmed in a recent interview that she is officially through the show and will not be returning.”

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Another follower said: “Good! You’re too old for all this stupidity ‘and one commenter wrote this:’ It’s about time … this show should have ended. ‘

One person said this: ‘Should have been canceled when Tami left … boo bye’ and one follower wrote this: ‘Well I miss Royce and Tami damn it’

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Someone else said, ‘I was really hoping the words’ grown up ‘would come out of her mouth after she said’ it’s time for me … ‘and one commentator wrote this:’ We’ve heard that before She’ll be back over the next season when all she has to do is dry up fans feet pictures! Girl bye 😒 ‘

Another follower posted: “BYEEEE! The eternal tyrant couldn’t deal with the mean girl culture she created when she turned against HER ‘and one fan said,’ Chile that she did found another sponsor, I mean a rich friend … .. Marc Anthony I think. … you go girl. ‘

One commenter hopped into the comment area and left this message: ‘Fine, she’s too old for that anyway. (No offense).’

One fan said, “You have to cancel it at p. Neither of them are wives and it’s too messy for their age “and someone else posted this:” Cancel the entire cast, bring in some new younger faces “

A follower posted this: “We don’t care because all you did was cry fake and be jealous of the other women.”

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