Four Little Frogs Lite for IOS

Four Little Frogs Lite is one of the Kids Games for IOS developed by AML Creation. Here you can download Four Little Frogs Lite for IOS free. We also have Four Little Frogs Lite .ipa file available here.

Download Four Little Frogs Lite for ios

You will find in this application, an interactive story ” Four little frogs ” (quatre petites grenouilles in French) for your children and 3 fun games : puzzles, dress up game and Memory game. In this lite version, the story is complete but the game have some restriction. If you like the e-book, please buy the full version to support our work and help us to provide more updates. The application allows your children to interact with the elements on the pages. Each page contains several animations and / or clickable objects. The application is in French but the french narration can be easily removed by selecting the corresponding option in the menu. The 3 games and the e-book could be easily used by children without knowing french. Goodies: 1) Your kids can learn how to count in French ( picture number + sound) by picking of apples ( 1-6 ) or by returning snails ( 1-18 ); 2 ) Easy navigation with the navigation buttons; 3) The story is read to your child, but he can also read it himself by disabling the narration; 4) The text can also be removed, so each page drawing can be displayed without text; 5) Each page contains several interactive contents; 6) Visual help on each page to shows the clickable objects; 7) as well as 5 puzzle, a dress up game and a Memory game included in the application 8) The memory game has 3 level: 6 cards, 12 cards and 18 cards.The story is full but in the lite version there are less puzzles, less memory game and less options for the dress up game..

Four Little Frogs Lite 1.3 .ipa file for IOS


It is one of the best Games for IOS developed by AML Creation available for free to try on App store. As of latest release on June 10, 2015, current version of Four Little Frogs Lite is 1.3.

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