Frankie Grande says he’s really “proud” of JoJo Siwa after coming out – here’s why!

In a new interview, Ariana talked about Grande’s brother Frankie Jojo Siwa as well as their coming out to the public. Besides that, Frankie Grande expressed how proud he is of his Nickelodeon friend for living their truth.

As fans know, Frankie has been out of the closet for many years, so he knows all too well how liberating this is.

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So he couldn’t have been happier for Jojo when she came out.

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Frankie gushed, “I think it’s wonderful. I texted her straight away: ‘Oh my god, I’m so, so proud of you.’

Jojo Siwa shared her truth back in January and told her fans all about it on her social media platforms.

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Not long after, she also announced that she was in a relationship with Kylie Prew and that they were deeply in love.

Then, after a few months of introspection and self-discovery, Jojo announced in April that she identified as pansexual.

As for Frankie, Jojo’s coming out is very important to other teens who are part of the LGBTQ community.

He stated, “I think it’s as important as you mentioned us at Nickelodeon that we identify LGBTQ members, be out there and be proud. In a children’s network, it’s a great honor and a great responsibility to be able to be ourselves and to inspire the youngsters, like ‘Hey, that’s cool.’ Live your truth. Live your authentic self and the world will support you. It was a really amazing thing. I was so proud of her. ‘

Ariana’s brother has been a huge community activist for many years, so he’s now celebrating Pride Month by highlighting notable queer personalities who manage to be perfect role models like Jojo.

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