Gabrielle Union works with Ford – Check out the video she shared here

Gabrielle Union has teamed up with Ford and you may want to check out the video she shared on her social media account. Here it is.

“Something’s coming and you’ll want to check it out. @ford #FordMaverick #fordpartner ‘Tiny added a subtitle to her post.

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Someone said, “When I see her smile it’s like looking at my niece. And her name is Uion” and another follower posted this: “@gabunion @henix_armani hope really big and great❤️❤️❤️”

Another commenter said, ‘The traffic looking at my chapstick feels kind of car sick, there’s a Ford loner 😂’ and another follower said, ‘You look great, Gaby.’

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One fan said: ‘I love you @gabunion so beautiful & always has the best facial expression ❤️’ and someone else posted that: ‘You are really great Gaby!’

In other news, Gabrielle Union just praised a model, filmmaker and actress – check out the post she posted on her social media account below.

“Today’s #WCW is the radiant actress, model, filmmaker and LGBTQ + activist Jari Jones! In addition to being one of 9 models for Calvin Klein’s Pride campaign last year, Jari was also the first black trans woman to have a film at the Cannes Film Festival. Jari is unmistakably herself, which is why she is her voice and her passion is an integral part of discussions about black lives matter and queer rights, ”wrote Gaby.

She went on to say, “Jari is not only an important figure in these movements, but he also talks about self-love and acceptance and encourages her followers to practice this way of thinking. I can say with confidence that Jari is just getting started and will continue to take the world by storm and change it for the better. Let us lift them up into the light of goodness and keep them there. ‘

Stay tuned for more news.

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