Immediately after the birth, Meghan Trainor talks about her baby’s “terrifying” health crisis!

The singer is happy to be home with her little boy Riley after the newborn had some serious health problems. Meghan trainer had a “terrible” birth and now she’s opening up about it!

The Star and New Mom of One was on the Today show earlier today and while she was there she became open about her son’s health problems that he was experiencing right when he was born!

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Apparently the bundle of joy had some breathing problems that really caused the new parents a lot of worry and grief.

Trainor also mentioned that little Riley was given a caesarean section back in February.

“It was one of those horror stories he didn’t cry over. He made no noise when he came out. I thought, ‘Why isn’t he crying?’ She remembered.

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The doctors told Meghan that her baby was having breathing problems and that he was immediately taken to the neonatal intensive care unit because he needed a feeding tube.

“I had to see him for a second before they took him away. That was probably the worst. But we’re so lucky that we were able to bring him home after five days, ”she said.

When things had calmed down and everything in the small family’s life was great again, Meghan Trainor went to her platform in April to share a clip about her and her husband, Daryl Sabara’s son, the “rocky start”.

The footage was supposed to show baby Riley’s journey from birth to this point in his life and alongside the happy new mother wrote, “We had a rocky start … but Riley is perfect, happy and healthy 💙 so happy to be your mom, sweet boy.’

Fortunately, it all ended well for the family of three, but that was definitely a very scary experience.

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