Japanese crime drama film ‘A Family’: Everything We Know So Far

One family – copyright. Netflix

Gangster movie fans should definitely admire what Netflix got off the ground in June 2021. The exciting Yazuka drama is coming very soon A family. We have everything you need to know A family, including the plot, cast, trailers, and most importantly, the Netflix release date.

A family, formerly known as Yazuka and the family, is an upcoming Netlfix Japanese thriller, written and directed by Fuji Michihito. The feature film debuted in Japan earlier this year, but the feature film premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in November 2020.

When is the A family Netflix release date?

A family will be available to stream on Netflix Friday June 18, 2021.

The original is already available to stream on Netflix Japan.

A Family has been confirmed to join Netflix in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. To see if A Family is coming to Netflix in your area, check the Coming Soon tab in the Netflix app.

What is the plot of A family?

Kenji Yamamoto’s life fell into despair after the death of his father. Welcomed into the family of a crime syndicate, Kenjo developed a deep bond with the crime boss Hiroshi Shibasaki and formed a father-son relationship of his own. Over time in an ever changing world, Kenji starts his own family.

Japanese crime drama A Family Everything We Know So Far Poster

The Japanese poster for A Family

Who are the performers of A family?

Below is the cast list from A family:

roleactorWhere have I seen / heard them before?
Yamamoto KenjiAyano GoMIU 404 | Kounodori | Frankenstein not a Koi
Hiroshi ShibasakiTachi HiroshiCross Road Season 3 ~ Gunshu no Seigi | Cross the road | Dangerous detectives
Kudo YukaOno machikoZekkyou | Natsume Soseki no Tsuma | Fujiko
Nakamura TsutomuKitamura YukiyaHotarugusa | Jiu | The real thing
Hosono RyutaIchihara HayatoOishi Kyushoku | The blue hearts | Beginners: graduation
Kimura TsubasaIsomura HayatoSa Thu | Onzoshi Boys | Came riding spirit
Takeda MakotoSugata ShunMinor player | Tenchijin | Black crow
Kawayama ReijiSuruga taroYour love is boiling bath water | Samurai’s Promise | The eternal zero
Toyoshima-TetsuyaKan SuonHard core | The long excuse | Misono Universe
Osako KazuhikoIwamatsu RyoTokyo Biyori | The limit | Aftermath
Kimura AikoTerajima ShinobuAsa ga Kita | Kuniko Mukoda’s innocents | Ryoma Den
Ohara KoheiNinomiya RyutaroOutsider | The believers | Sad tea

What is the running time of the film?

It was confirmed that the running time of the movie was 136 minutes.

Japanese crime drama A family Everything we know so far Kenji

Ayano Go as Yamamoto Kenji in One Family – Copyright. Netflix

What is the parental rating like?

A family has a R. Rating in the USA.

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