JoJo Siwa’s party ends in disaster; Paramedics are called for an overdose

It has been reported that JoJo Siwa The party ended tragically when paramedics were called after an apparent overdose. The shadow room has all the details available and you can check them out below.

“YouTube star #JoJoSiwa allegedly hosted a rainbow party on Wednesday. However, the celebrations were apparently interrupted by a medical emergency. According to reports from TMZ, police officers and paramedics were called to the scene because a party guest allegedly took an overdose, ”said TSR.

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TSR continued, saying, “Law enforcement sources told @tmz_tv that first responders were visiting” JoJo’s home in the San Fernando Valley “at around 8pm on Wednesday. Someone has apparently reported that a 30 year old man may have suffered from an LSD overdose. ‘

TMZ also reported that the nameless party guest at JoJo’s party was already high and in “pretty bad shape”. Despite reported involvement in drugs, police found that “no crime was committed”.

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Someone said, “I’ll be back in 10 minutes if all the messy and petty people log in,” and another follower posted: “What kind of party was that, I thought it was just wearing bows?”

One fan wrote: ‘There was more than glitter and rainbows at this party 😳’ and someone else said, ‘Siwa, you shouldn’t do drugs 😂 don’t block me 😂’

Someone else posted this: ‘Isn’t my sister like 4 years old? That’s what a 30-year-old is doing over there😒😒 ‘and one commenter said,’ What are you all teaching the kids today? Smh, my child won’t have a phone. ‘

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