Jonathan Bennett says his “mean girl” fans were very supportive of him when he came out – here’s how!

The Mean Girls star was quite scared of losing his fans when he decided to come out gay. Nowadays, however, that’s a fear of the past and he’s happily engaged to his partner, Jaymes Vaughan.

Additionally, Jonathan Bennett made history by teaming up with KAY Jewelers to create one of the first big retailer same-sex engagement rings!

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However, during a new interview for HollywoodLife, he admitted that in the past he was afraid of losing his many female fans as his role in Mean Girls had made him a big crush in the industry.

“I mean, for decades everyone tells you that you will lose all of your teenage fans” [if you come out] they will all hate you. And if you lose them, no one will see your movies, so no one will cast you. And that’s the hard truth of what you hear, ”Jonathan revealed.

It turns out the opposite happened!

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“The girls I have who are fans of Mean Girls fell even more in love with me as a person just because they saw the real me. And when you see the real person, their true authentic self, it’s hard not to love them, ”the actor told the same news agency.

June is Pride Month and now that he’s engaged, the star confessed that everything feels different.

After all, he can live and love openly with his other half.

In addition to the happy couple designing the amazing engagement / wedding ring for gay couples, the happy couple also run their own LGBTQ + travel company, aptly named OUTbound Travel.

At this point, the two are enjoying life as an engaged couple and dreaming of their perfect wedding, for which no date has yet been set.

The ring is called “Our Ring from Jaymes and Jonathan” and can only be found on

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