Juhi Chawla sued against 5G: I’ve been talking about radiation for the past 10 years

Actor Juhi Chawla has responded to criticism she received for filing a lawsuit against the implementation of 5G in India. Juhi said she hopes people will be convinced by her argument and join her after doing more research on radiation from 5G wireless networks.

The first virtual hearing of the lawsuit took place before the Delhi High Court on Wednesday. After filing charges against the implementation of 5G wireless networks, the actor shared, while not opposing technological progress, she believed there was ample reason to believe that the radiation was “extremely harmful and harmful to the health and safety of people’.

Juhi Chawla took to Instagram on Tuesday evening to share a video of herself explaining to her followers why she decided to sue. The actor started by addressing her critics who believed she had just woken up to the much-discussed 5G network.

“I read some tweets. Some people gave me strength, praised me for doing the right thing. Then I saw some memes. I had a good laugh. I have to applaud the creativity. I always wonder how people think so much so quickly. It was very interesting. Some people said, “Oh, you woke up today and filed a lawsuit.” I want to say to them that I did not wake up today. For the past 10 years I’ve been talking about safe cell phone use, radiation and raising awareness about these things. Why did I do that? Our phones operate on radio waves, which are only increasing in our environment. Now 4G to 5G is a very big leap. Radiation will increase exponentially. Everything in moderation is fine, but if it is too much, we learn the consequences. You feel the ill effects of it. Has anyone investigated these radiations, which have been spreading over us over the past 20-25 years? Read a little more about it and I hope you’re convinced and join me,” Juhi said in the three-minute video.

Meanwhile, the virtual hearing of the trial was repeatedly interrupted by unknown individuals singing popular songs from Juhi Chawla’s films. Someone entered the virtual courtroom on the WebEx platform at least three times and started singing songs like “Meri Banno Ki Aayegi Baraat” and “Ghoonghat ki Aad Se”. The users appeared on the screen with names like ‘Manisha Koirala’ and ‘Jahnvi’.

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