K-drama ‘Beyond Evil’ Season 1 hits Netflix in June 2021

Beyond Evil – Copyright. JTBC

Although the JTBC K-drama cannot be streamed weekly on Netflix Beyond evil still comes to Netflix. Arriving June 2021, everything you need to know is below Beyond evil Season 1.

Beyond evil is a South Korean crime series created by JTBC and written by Kim Su-jin. All episodes were directed by Shim Na-Yeon, with production directed by Celltrion Entertainment and JTBC Studios.

Although the series did not have a dramatic impact on audience ratings, the series received three awards at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, including Best Drama, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor for Shin Ha-Kyun. The series was nominated for a total of seven awards.

When is the Beyond evil Netflix release date for season 1?

The jTBC-K drama Beyond evil will be available to stream on Netflix Tuesday, June 15, 2021. If you have the Netflix app on your phone, you can check out the Coming Soon tab where you can set a notification when Beyond evil arrives.

All sixteen episodes aired in South Korea between February 19 and April 10, 2021. That means Netflix subscribers will have access to every episode once it’s published.

I can watch Beyond evil in my homeland?

At least we know that Beyond evil comes to Netflix in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

In South Korea, the series can already be streamed on Netflix.

What is the plot of Beyond evil Season 1?

The horrific acts of a serial killer shook the quiet city of Manyang and forced the police to act. The two detectives Lee Dong Sik and Joo Won go extremely far in their pursuit of the killer, just as a pattern emerges that connects the current series of murders with cold cases over two decades ago.

k Drama Beyond Evil Season 1 is coming to Netflix POSTER in June 2021

JTBC poster for Beyond evil – Copyrights ©. JTBC

Who are the performers of Beyond evil?

Below are the cast of Beyond evil:

roleactorWhere have I seen / heard them before?
Lee Dong ShikShin Ha KyunSoul Mechanic | Less than evil | rat catcher
Han Joo WonYeo Jin GooHotel Del Luna | My absolute friend | circle
Han Ki HwanChoi Jin HoDesignated Survivor: 60 days | Mr. Sunshine | Dr. Romantic 2
Do Hae WonKil Hae YeonBlack dog | A spring night | encounter
Lee Chang JinHeo Sung TaeYour Honor | Hexenhof | Different dreams
Park Jung JeChoi Dae HoonFlower of evil | Crash landing at you | The bridal mask
Oh Ji HwaKim Shin RokThe accursed | combustion
Yoo Jae YiChoi Sung EunCommissioning | SF8: Joan’s Galaxy
Nam Sang BaeChun Ho JinAgain | Save me 2 | Life
Oh Ji HoonNam Yoon SuOut of school | Do you want more 19 | 4 types of houses

Further supporting actors for Beyond evil are;

Kang Jin MookLee Kyu Hoe
Jung Cheol moonJung Gyoo Soo
Jo Gil GooSon Sang Gyu
Hwang Gwang YoungBaek Suk Kwang
Kwon HyukJi Hoon Park
Kang Do SooShim Wan Joon
Kwak Oh-subSeo Jeong Shik
Lieutenant HaYoo Byung Hoon
Kang Min JungKang Min Ah
Jang Oh BokJune Soo Hyun
I am Seon NyeoBo Kyung Park
Han Jeong ImKim Bi Bi

Why not? Beyond evil Stream weekly on Netflix?

Netflix has a lucrative partnership with jTBC and other South Korean networks.

But the deal that Netlfix has with jTBC doesn’t provide for all of the latest prime-time K-Dramas to be available for streaming weekly, but it does mean that the latest jTBC dramas will hit Netflix at some point.

Are you looking forward to the release of Beyond evil on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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