K-drama thriller ‘The 8th Night’ will be released on Netflix in July 2021

Even more fantastic K-Drama content awaits you this July with the upcoming release of the exciting thriller The 8th Night. We have everything you need to know The 8th nightincluding the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

The 8th night is an upcoming Netflix original K-drama thriller, written and directed by Kim Tae Hyung. Gom Pictures and Gogo Studio are the two production companies behind the feature.

After approval The 8th night will be the fifth South Korean original Netflix film to land on Netflix in 2021.

When is The 8th night Netflix release date?

We have confirmation that The 8th night is published worldwide on Netflix Friday 2nd July 2021.

In total, the original will be available for streaming in 190 countries.

What is the plot of The 8th night?

Two millennia ago two mysterious beings that tormented the population were locked in coffins. Thousands of years later, the beings are awakening and trying to reclaim their lost forms. It is up to the monk Cheong Seok and the exorcist Park Jin-soo to stop the evil creatures and save the world.

k drama thriller the 8th night is coming to netflix poster in july 2021

The 8th night poster – Copyright. Gom Pictures and Gogo Studio

Who are the performers of The 8th night?

Below is the confirmed list of main, supporting, and guest actors for The 8th night:

roleactorWhere have I seen / heard them before?
Jin SooLee Sung MinMemory | Misaeng: Unfinished Life | King2Hearts
Ho TaePark Hae JoonThe world of the married | Arthdal ​​Chronicles | Sir
Ae RanKim Yoo JungLove in the moonlight | Angry mother | Clear passion for now
Cheong SeokNam Da ReumA piece of your opinion | Beautiful world | Six flying kites
Kim Joon CheolChoi Jin HoDr. Romantic | Extraordinary you | Search: WWW
Ha JeongLee EolIt’s okay not to be okay | Hot Stove League | Living
High school girlsPark Se HyunYouth record | The best ending | Doctor prisoner

What is the running time of the film?

Unfortunately, there are two conflicting sources for the life of the The 8th night.

The wiki page for the film has a running time of 115 minutes. Where KMDB (Korean Movie Database) listed the function for 150 minutes.

k drama thriller the 8th night is coming to netflix Stillbild in July 2021

When did the filming for The 8th night occur?

According to hancinema, filming of The 8th Night began on May 19, 2021 and ended a few months later on September 26, 2021.

Are you looking forward to the release of The 8th night on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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