Karan Mehra says police are reporting a ruse to get hefty alimony, Nisha Rawal says he has an extramarital affair: who said what

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra was arrested on Tuesday after his wife Nisha Rawal filed charges against him. He was later released on bail. After the police case, both Karan and Nisha spoke to the media and shared their side of the story. While Nisha blamed Karan for an extramarital affair, the latter said his wife tried to frame him into depriving him of a hefty alimony.

This is what Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal have said about each other.

Nisha Rawal called the police and said Karan Mehra hit her haar

On May 31 at night, Nisha Rawal called the police home to file a complaint against husband Karan Mehra. With an injury to her head, she accused him of pushing her against the wall after a fight. Karan was detained by police for questioning and later arrested. He was released on bail the next day.

Karan Mehra’s statement about the injury

Speaking to indianexpress.com, the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor rejected his wife’s claims that he pushed her. Instead, Karan said that after their fight, Nisha hit her head against the wall to get him involved. He said that while on the phone with his mother, Nisha barged in and started abusing him and his family. “She even spat on me twice and kept saying she will play dirty now. I told her to leave the room and while I was washing my hands she hit her head against the wall and told everyone I was doing it. They also started recording on the phone to frame me. Her brother beat me and even threatened to kill me and my family. I am still very weak from my Covid-19 diagnosis and didn’t even have the strength to fight back,” he said.

Nisha Rawal on what happened that night

Nisha held a press conference on Tuesday night and said this was not the first time her husband had beaten her. She revealed that she still loves him and has been silent for quite some time. However, she doesn’t want their son Kavish growing up and feeling that his mother never took a stand for him. Nisha gave details of what happened that night and said Karan had long postponed a discussion about their divorce and alimony. While they were at it that day, the couple got into a big fight and in a fit of anger she used some unsavory words. “Karan just walked out of the room and when I got up to leave, he grabbed my hair and slammed my head against the wall. Before I realized I was bleeding, he pressed me against the wall and held me by the neck. I actually yelled at him to ask why he hates me so much,” Nisha said.

Karan Mehra claims Nisha was seeking huge alimony

The actor said he called Nisha’s rakhi brother Ritesh Sethia home to help them work things out and agree on alimony. However, according to Karan, they demanded a huge amount of alimony, which he was unable to pay. Nisha also reportedly gave him a huge list of things she needs. On the day of the event, after failing to come to a conclusion, Karan said he told them they would talk about it later or that the court would decide.

Nisha Rawal’s reaction to it

Shaadi Mubarak’s actor said her only concern was the future of her child and his higher education. She also added that she has always supported Karan financially and is able to earn herself. “I had given him all my jewelry last year to pay off EMIs when there was no work. I even told him to move to a smaller place. I have been a supportive partner. The money I demanded was only for my son, and I even told Karan I wouldn’t do it to him if he isn’t able to pay the same.” On claims that she beat herself, Nisha said she’s an actor and would never do anything to damage her face because that’s her “bread and butter.”

What sparked the couple’s divorce talks?

Karan said that in recent years there have been problems in their marriage and that they were trying to “fix things.” “We’ve had a tense relationship for a few years and because we could see that there was no point in staying together, we decided to split up. Since we have a son, I wanted to divorce amicably so that we can give him a good future.”

Nisha’s Version – According to Nisha, Karan had an extramarital affair that led to a dispute in their relationship. She revealed that she learned about his illicit relationship a few months ago, and while she was ready to forgive him, Karan showed no remorse or guilt. “Earlier I felt it was a flirtation, but when he confronted Karan about it, he accepted that he was in love with someone else. While heartbroken by this revelation, I tried to work things out, but he wasn’t interested. He showed no remorse or guilt. Then I thought it was better to break up.”

Karan has denied the claim, however. “All these accusations will no doubt come up and I will be associated with many people. These stories are unfounded. I have not cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair,” he said.

Nisha Rawal Accepts She Has Bipolar Disorder

Nisha said she was diagnosed with bipolar after a miscarriage in 2014. She also told the media that Karan was emotionally unavailable even then and would beat her.

The last word

Karan Mehra said that Nisha’s brother threatened to kill him and his family. He said he will be staying with friends from now on and will be moving in with his parents soon. Karan informs that the police have been working with him and said he is in talks with his lawyers and waiting for the divorce proceedings to begin.

Nisha Rawal said she has submitted all the evidence to the police and has full faith in the law.

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