Kehlani says her baby daddy was “super supportive” when she came out!

As fans know, Kehlani shares a daughter named Adeya Nomi, 2, with her ex, Javaughn Young-White. Plus, the star came out gay in April and now she’s revealed how her baby daddy reacted to the news!

While you’re on Facebook, check out the Pride On Special! The singer recently revealed Kehlani and Larray’s Excellent Pride Ride: “I have a two year old daughter … she’s the best. Myself and her father are like really close friends, and the decision to have a family was a really easy one because we both believed in each other’s ability to be good parents. We just focus on being a team, to be honest, and when I could tell him that I’ve come to terms with my sexuality and he’s super super super supportive.

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She went on and said, ‘Usually where people raise’ mom and dad ‘we also say’ mom and mom ‘and’ dad and dad ‘.

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At this point Paulette added: “As long as this child gets love, it does not matter whether it has two mothers or two dads.”

As mentioned earlier, Kehlani told the world she was “gay gay” after previously coming out as queer on April 22nd.

She did it via a TikTok video in which she literally sang, “I am gay gay gay gay gay gay”.

Kehlani also identifies as non-binary and uses she / she pronouns.

The star also mentioned earlier that none of them were surprised when she came out as a lesbian to her family.

That being said, she joked that she wanted a more dramatic response to her revelation.

‘I feel like I just want you to fall on the floor and’ guhhh ‘,’ Congratulations, we had no idea! ‘ but instead they said, ‘Duh, you’re the only one who fucking didn’t know.’

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