Khloe Kardashian wishes Kanye West a happy birthday, but fans criticize him for that

Khloe Kardashian only wanted Kanye West a nice birthday. Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

Someone said, “Do you think Ye will test his Yeezy on water? 🤔 ‘and another follower posted this:’ Why this picture? she just wants to let us know that she and Tristian are still together. ‘

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One fan wrote, “So we’re not going to talk about how my husband put on a whole t-shirt on the beach” and another follower said, “This man put on his entire summer line in the water 🤦🏽‍♀️”

As one commenter wrote, “Kanye thought he might walk on water for those who are wondering why he is wearing a whole outfit.”

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One fan said, ‘Sister just wants you to see them all and Tristan lasted longer’ and one commenter posted this message: ‘Khloe is definitely the kind of person who posts every picture that comes to mind in Chile 😂 ‘

Someone else said, ‘If’ I don’t give af ‘was a person who takes Kanye the cake has to love this man, yo, and one follower said,’ She’s going to find a way to let you all know it’s her Don’t let Tristan go gehen. I’m sure she has other pictures with Kanye. ‘

The KUWTK star went to one of her social media platforms to clap a user who said some unkind and hurtful things to her. Khloe Kardashian stressed that as long as she can help people with migraines, she is ready to accept any ridicule and hatred.

It all started with a hater who compared her to an “alien” after appearing in an ad for Nurtec ODT, a drug used in “the acute treatment of migraines and the preventive treatment of episodic migraines in adults.”

Stay tuned for more news on Khloe and the whole family.

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