Kim Kardashian – Here’s How KUWTK Star Would Call For Divorce And Bring Kanye West Back!

Kim Kardashian was the one who filed for divorce Kanye West but before that she held onto the hope that they could get it working for the longest time! Is there any chance she might turn back at this point in the divorce process?

According to a new insider report, the door may just be open for discussion.

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In other words, it sounds like Kim never says never when it comes to resurrecting her romance with the rapper under some very strict conditions – “if he changes” and “does the job!”

Until then, however, the KUWTK star is determined to move in with her life.

A source tells HollywoodLife that “Kim’s door to reconciliation with Kanye was open after the divorce, but until now they still barely communicate. Kim just keeps saying “never say never” but she gets on with her life. If he wants to change and work with her, she would probably be open to conversation, but that’s not happening right now. ‘

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They continued, “She feels like she gave Kanye plenty of opportunities to work on the marriage, and they eventually broke up. She will always love Ye and he will always love her and not only do they say that, they mean it, but marriage didn’t work for Kim. She didn’t want to get a divorce but felt she had no other choice. It is in a completely different headspace than when it was submitted. ‘

The same insider also mentioned that their four children are actually “adapting well to their new lives after the separation”.

After all, Kim is always super “practical and present” and adheres to a very clear routine.

In addition, the source assured that Kanye sees his children very often, despite keeping their parenting arrangements private.

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