Kim Kardashian Weeps Over Her Marital Problems With Kanye West Before Divorce From KUWTK – “I Want To Be Happy”

It’s not just the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians , it’s the end of Kimye too! As the show comes to an end, fans can now see how it goes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘s marriage came to an end.

At this point, the couple has already separated and is in the middle of a divorce, but at the latest KUWTK Episode was filmed months ago, so it’s Kim’s struggles as she slowly realizes she should take this step after all.

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The mother of 4 children is known to have tried everything to save her marriage to the rapper before giving up, which is why it was so painful for her to admit that there was nothing more she could do!

As a result, the famous reality TV family takes a trip to Lake Tahoe and one of the topics of conversation is Kim’s secret pain.

Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, says in a confessional that “Kim fought privately behind the cameras about their relationship and it’s difficult because Kim redirects so much of her frustration, sadness and anger. Sometimes you leave out things that have nothing to do with what you are going through. ‘

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And indeed, during the trip, Khloe actually confronts Kim and asks her, “How are you and Kanye?”

Kim tells her, “There is no fighting. It’s all calm now so I’ll just roll it, you know? ‘

But Khloe feels that her older sister wants a lot more of her breast.

“Kim is so busy right now and it’s tough because before we left she and Kanye had a big fight,” she tells the camera.

In fact, a flashback shows Kim bursting into tears as she opens up to sisters Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie.

“He should have a wife who supports him in every move and travels with him and does anything and I can’t. I feel like fucking failure and it’s like a third fucking marriage. I feel like a fucking loser But I can’t even think about it [divorce]. I want to be happy.’

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